A Merlin & Arthur for a New Generation

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The legends of Arthur, Merlin & Camelot become part of our very existence - yet in The Other Merlin, we are introduced to Emry - the daughter of Merlin who not only lives up to the epic saga of Merlin & Uther - she surpasses it. Emry is the champion doing right even when it hurts; cutting through the divides of gender, class and education. This is the Merlin we didn't know we wanted - but - absolutely do need.

Robyn Schneider takes her readers through a beautifully woven tale introducing a female Merlin amongst LGBTQA+ characters to create a story relevant to modern day. Seeing her main characters, whose names evoked wonder and fascination in our very childhood, grow from the mundane to the mythical is deeply satisfying as a reader. As I put down this book, my singular thought is 'where will the next chapter take me?' I am not ready to leave The Other Merlin quite yet.