Has the potential to change a generation!

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This book was insightful and moving, and I would encourage everyone to read it, even if you do not have children (I do not, but the premise of the book really caught my attention and I am so glad I read it)!
The book does an excellent job at framing the issue at hand- technology and the impacts it is having on humanity- and cites some horrifying statistics I was not aware of that really helped elevated the importance of looking at technology through a critical lens and asking the question of what is it really giving you, and for what cost.
There is more than enough information in this book to change even the stubbornest of minds, and it is truly thought provoking in all regards, especially in how we as people treat other people.
Themes throughout the book center around nurturing, fostering and developing relationships (and children) in protected and safe spaces, and has brought a new definition to what it means to truly 'opt out' of technology.
I am inspired by this book, not only does it craft a strong argument about opting out to create the optimal environment for us as a people to thrive, but it is also a strong encouragement to remember humanity and the power that will always have over algorithms and AI.