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The Only Girl In Town is an interesting book that explores loneliness and the challenges of growing up. The blend of mystery, coming-of-age, and mental health themes make it a unique reading experience.
One great thing about this book is its well-developed characters. The author does a great job of bringing July, the main character, and the other people in the story to life. July's feelings of loneliness are relatable and real, making her a character I can understand.
There is a mysterious element that kept me reading. When people suddenly disappear from July's world, it's intriguing, and I love how the short chapters keep the story moving quickly. The surprises and dangers in the story are interesting and I wanted to know what happened next. However, the ending of the book felt a little rushed and left too many questions.
Still, the book has a strong emotional impact. It deals with grief, mental health, and loneliness, and did a good job of making me feel connected to July's struggles.
It's important to note that the book touches on sensitive topics like mental health, bullying, and hazing, so it might not be right for everyone.