Thought it would be so much better.....

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I absolutely loved the concept of this book. Girl wakes up and finds everyone else from her town has vanished. Her family, friends and even all the animals... just... gone. Concept to execution was not as I would have liked, though.

I found this book to be draggy, despite the super short chapters (literally, sometimes just a sentence). I've read Ally Condie books before, and LOVED them, but this whole book fell really flat, to me. I found it to be confusing, especially toward the end. Did she take her own life, try to take her own life? Was she dreaming? Maybe I just didn't get it because I was skimming toward the end, but it seemed like there was a lot of unnecessary vagueness that I would have preferred to be explicitly told to me.

Overall, this book got a 2.5 stars from me, rounded up to 3 stars. I definitely wouldn't recommend this book, and only claimed it due to the familiar author, of a previously enjoyed series. Disappointed!!