Isolation in text is amazing

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I am very fascinated by this synopsis and cover. I really liked H20 by Virginia Bergin which featured a protagonist who, for the majority of the book, was absolutely alone after an apocalyptical event. I find the concept of isolation in text amazing and I love exploring it in books. I am very fascinated by this one because of those items, but also because this book has a very Stephen King feel to it as well. I am also loving the cover so very much. The cover gives off a very "hopeless" and isolated feeling as well, which further conveys the "I'm all alone" meaning in the book. The chapters seem very short, which I think will help convey the urgency of the book, and there's this overall mystery that the main character will be forced to solve, which I feel puts it more into the mystery/thriller category but I'm still loving the premise as a contemporary like text. I am also a fan of Ally's work, she's a fantastic author and I can't wait to read this one.