An Interesting Read

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This book was definitely an interesting read.

From the moment I read the description on the back of the book, I was intrigued to see how the author was going to pull this story off. With the main character being the only girl in town, I assumed that meant there would be little dialogue, and thus most of the (present) story would be carried through exposition. So that was fascinating to read.

I thought the writing in this book was poetic and beautiful, so the author did a lovely job with it.

I do feel as though, however, I struggled to connect with July's character. Just the realistic nature of some of what went on for her, as a teenager, was difficult for me to believe.

I enjoyed how this story explored the theme of loneliness (though it does focus on straight-up depression at times, so that's a warning to readers), and the idea of embracing the present. I was also interested to see how all the pieces ultimately came together with this story. However, I was left a bit underwhelmed by the ultimate conclusion.