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The Only Girl in Town was good but to be honest, I thought it would be better. The way that it was written made it a super fast read for me... I think it only took me two to three hours to read the entire book. When I read the first look and the description, I thought the book was going to be scarier than it was. Also, I feel like at the end of the book it leaves you at a cliffhanger, I would have liked to see if July was able to rekindle any of her previous relationships or make new ones and also who the other person in the town was. I think it was a unique idea to write it the way Ally Condie chose to. However, I think maybe with the idea behind the novel, that it might have been more interesting if she had written it more as a novel instead of in almost a poem form. Also, it just made the read go by so fast. I mean only two to three hours to read an entire book is crazy. One thing I really did like about the book was how Condie kept you guessing until the very end as to what happened to July to destroy her relationships.