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This book discusses deep issues that have been known throughout the world, School shootings. However, it is mixed with an overlooked romance. Years after a massive school shooting in Long Acre High School. The survivors return to the high school to film a documentary based on the school 12 years after the fact. There's Liv, who swore to never return to the town, and Finn would always be the one who Liv let slip away. Finn is now an undercover detective that helps represent the hero title that he got after the shooting. The documentary bringing them back to the town they swore they would never return. Not only does this bring back awful memories, but it also brings back memories of how they feel about one another. They both swore after the shooting that they would live life to the fullest and strive for everything that they can. Coming back to the town they put away some demons that, that day left for them and they rekindle a relationship they both so desperately needed.

" Love never ends, but fear could"