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This is a contemporary romance novel set 10 years after a terrible tragedy. The initial premise is a revisiting of the trauma for a video journalist, a sort of before and after piece. The two main characters are Finn and Olivia who haven't seen or talked to each other since that night 10 years ago.

Finn and Olivia "Liv", have a short conversation after she gives her part of the interview. When Finn suggests they meet later, she declines saying she is meeting some friends. Turns out they end up at the same diner that night and after her get together with her friends, Finn and Liv meet outside. And.....

There is also subplot involving class issues, the wrong side of the tracks girl and the football jock from an upstanding family. The pair would never have been allowed to say see each openly back in high school. They could only be together in secret.

This preview is so compelling that I can't wait to get the full novel to read it in full! I'm familiar with her previous works, so this will be a real treat.