Utterly captivating

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Wow. What did I just get absolutely absorbed into a part of me? This book is entirely captivating from the start and is hard to put down. This story talks about trauma and the after-effects of dealing with Trauma. This book has so much tension, chemistry, and hidden secrets it can keep you on its hook for hours. The format of the book was pretty standard for a Dual point-of-view story. I did not notice any glaring grammatical or spelling errors in this story. The female main character shows us how different people handle life after the trauma is over and I think as a reader it really helps bring a level of understanding that we may not have another way to obtain. The male main character is introduced to us from the female's point-of-view and you want to yell at him for her. You want him to understand what part he had to play and how it changed her but when you read his point-of-view you see that he understands now where he was wrong.. I would absolutely recommend this book.