Steamy Romance, Powerful Read

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I haven't read a good contemporary romance in a while, and this one? Oh, this one set the bar pretty high. I will admit, I was a little hesitant going into it - books that surround school shootings hit a little too close to home sometimes. I found the beginning a bit difficult to read, but after the initial chapter or two I found myself really enjoying it. The characters have suffered something tragic. Absolutely. But watching them come together after all those years was very empowering. Plus Liv and Finn's chemistry throughout the entire book was electrifying. Even I was getting emotional when Liv was begging Finn not to get on that plane, and instead stay and make the house a home with her. I'm not afraid to admit that I reached the point of most tension in this book on my lunch break, and did not want to go back to work until i KNEW that this book had some sort of happy ending (**spoiler alert - it does**). I don't think this did anything revolutionary in romance, but it honestly didn't need to. It was a nice romance with a tough backstory that packed a punch, and I enjoyed it. If the rest of the series is available through my libraries online catalog, I'll definitely continue.