Something different

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I saw some really good reviews on this and decided to read the sneak peek!! The book cover had me so intrigued at first, but the book took a different turn. I expected a high romance, but this dealt with real life issues! I feel like I didn’t expect it to be more about school shootings than a romance, because of the cover. The cover might be a little misleading, but we shouldn’t ever judge a book by its cover!! The book may have more romance in it once it moves more in! I am not the most interested in it, but I wouldn’t mind checking it out!! I feel like everyone should give it a try themselves! It might fit you more than it would ever fit me!! I am going to finish more of the first impression and then I will decide if I want to continue reading or not! I feel like this depends on what kind of reader you are! All the other reviews have mixed opinions so read it yourself before judging!