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The book centers on survivors of a shooting, dubbed "the ones who got away," returning to their hometown to film a documentary benefiting victims' families and anti-gun violence organizations. Among them are Olivia Arias, a goth Latina, and Finn Dorsey, a golden boy from an affluent family, who had a secret relationship in high school. During prom night, while Liv and Finn argue, the shooting starts. Finn, protecting his prom date, takes a bullet, while Liv faces the shooter. Both survive, but the incident leaves Liv with PTSD. Now, Finn, an undercover FBI agent, invites Liv to a lake house for a weekend getaway, hoping to reconnect and rediscover their passions.

As they navigate second chances, forced proximity, and lingering angst, their romance reignites amidst their shared trauma.

My first concern with picking up this book was whether the “shooting” element would be a gimmick. It isn’t. It adds to the suspense and romance of the book with a perfect balance of plot and love.