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This book like every other by Roni Loren it’s a must read.

It’s intense, very sexy and emotional. Rebecca, Taryn, Kincaid, Olivia and Finn are the ones that got away, they survived a school shooting. This book feels so real. Each of these characters have moved on, they were bonded by what happened but things changed after they headed of to college.

This book carries the message of not letting the ones who did what they did win. Be happy, live life and make each moment count. They all are still dealing with what happened and what they witnessed, what they came face to face with.

Olivia and Finn have unbelievable chemistry. They both have a past they share. They know each other well but haven’t seen each other since high school. They seem to pick up where they left off. They have things to talk through and help each other through.

I loved this book. I can’t wait for Rebecca’s book, she has a secret and I can’t wait to find out what it is. I highly recommend this book. A great start to this series.