I liked it a lot

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I love how this book takes a very horrible reality, school shootings, and familiarized us with the trauma and scars that come to someone who survives something like that. I especially liked that the characters are very aware of their PTSD and their ways of dealing with it, healthy or not. That's just like real life and I was there for it. Finn is broody and dreamy, I mean, come on! I was interested in this after reading the first paragraph. The attention to detail is on point, I was imagining everything in my head like a movie. There wasn't too much detail that it confused me or irritated me. I think it was an amazing piece of literary fiction work. Even though it is fiction, this book is one of the ones that I lose myself into and that is the greatest compliment I can give a book. It's intense, the characters are realistic and relatable and if you're considering reading this, go for it!