Great New Romance Series

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We open with Liv back in her hometown in Texas home to one of the deadliest school shootings, as she recounts the events from more then a decade ago for a documentary. One of the survivors, Liv suffers from PTSD, as does her former high school boyfriend Finn. While Liv has moved on by creating as much distance between herself and the events of that night as possible, Finn has gone to work for the FBI trying to catch the people responsible for selling his former classmates those guns. As the story unfolds we see how these two people come together to work through their issues and start to heal.
There is enough heat to make the book enjoyable but not so much that it feels out of place with subject matter that can be heavy at times. I also really enjoyed the interactions between Liv and the other three women who were survivors, and in the end good friends. (It clear that each one of them will be the lead in one of the future books). Looking forward to reading the next book!