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Better than others

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The Ones Who Got Away starts off very strong. I don't enjoy the typical romance stories but this one had depth and forethought.
Years after a deadly massacre at her high school, Liv must face not only the school where her classmates dead but the survivors from the event. While she enjoys time with her friends, she is thrown off to see her old boyfriend there. Can the two reconnect and cope with their past to make a new future?
I really enjoyed the first half; it did well concentrating on their l past tragedy and how relationships of any kind can change because of. But then it become a stereotypical romance novel: she changes her life to be with him and he caves to her. I was really hated the ending; I felt like washed away the trauma aspect of the book and everything could be washed away by a whirlwind romance. In fact, if it's a series as Goodreads seems to imply, the other chose of the ending would have kept me reading.