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How does one move past the tragedy of witnessing one’s classmates being murdered and knowing you are one of a few survivors?

What life changing decisions would make in a situation such as this?

It has been twelve (12) years since Olivia Moreno aka Olivia Arias witness such a tragedy. A tragedy, which changed her life forever. Since that day, she has tried to survive in our own way. The scars from this tragedy is deeply buried, and she has tried throughout the years to move past the painful memories. She would come to learn however, moving past the painful memories would not come easy. When asked to take part in a documentary designed to pay tribute to her fallen classmates she accepted, especially as the proceeds were going to the victims ‘family. What she never counted on was her present colliding with her past in the form of her high school sweetheart Finn Dorsey.

Finn Dorsey has his share of demons from his past. Demons created by the tragedy, which struck Long Acre High School twelve years ago. He never forgot the girl who owned his heart in high school and seeing her twelve years later made him realise she still had the power to bring him to his knees. He knew establishing a reconnection would be painful as he was determined to take down the people responsible for placing the guns in the hands of the perpetrators behind the Long Acre High massacre. Guilt played a significant role in his decision to go after the gun suppliers. However, he would discover life has a way of putting a wrench in even the best-laid plans.

The Ones Who Got Away is a story which has the capacity to tug on your heartstrings. From the first page, I knew I would be in for an emotional and intense journey. I loved the fact the story did not just focus on the romance between the protagonists. The author explored both the positive and negative effects the tragedy had on the survivors. Their emotions leapt off the pages, and I had no problem relating to their pain and fears. It all appeared so realistic.

The story demonstrated the importance of surrounding ourselves with persons who will inspire us to be better versions of ourselves. Olivia’s circle of friends who shared the memories of the tragedy provided her with this support system. It further showed how they tried to move on from the tragedy several years later.

I enjoyed the pace at which the romance developed. Olivia and Finn shared a bond that survived twelve years of separation. I enjoyed their interaction with each other and I thought they were perfect for each other. Despite the attraction, which sizzled between them, they were wary of risking their heart. Pursuing the physical aspect of their relationship seemed the safer bet. Will they be able to move past their fears and embrace all that love had to offer?

The Ones Who Got Away is a powerful story of love, second chances and dealing with the aftermath of tragedy. With the perfect blend of passion and emotion, this story will stay with me for some time. I can easily say this is my favourite so far for 2018. I am eager to discover what next is in store with this series.