A Sweepingly Romantic Tale

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In a sweepingly romantic tale of two people joined by trauma and loss, The Ones Who Got Away told a beautiful love story filled with deep emotions, uncontrollable sexual tensions, and the turbulent journey to finding inner peace. With the limited blurb, I went into this story not knowing what to expect and came out of it absolutely floored by how deeply poignant and influential these characters were as individuals and as products of their unique situation, along with how beautifully romantic their love story ending up being.

One of the most crucial aspects this story nails is the reverberations of trauma, and how drastically it can change the course of your life. A person who has survived trauma cannot go back to who they once were, no matter how hard they may try, and for both Liv and Finn, they are this exact representation. But because they knew each other prior, there’s this rare idolization of emotion that connects them, both their past and present selves, and makes their attraction and eventual romance even more effective. With the story centering on only the present time, you’ll not only fall for that part of them they’ll always be rather than who they once were, but you’ll still manage to see the raw beauty of their young innocence. All of that groundwork produced an insane amount of emotional and sexual tension, making this a powerful read.

Both surprising and addictive, this story has staying power and will stick with you long after it ends. Loren’s writing is stark and pensive, capturing every naunced thought and emotion in every scene. Its backbones, in centering around the survivors of a school shooting, are strong and will absolutely hold up the entire series, one that I cannot wait to get more of. The Ones Who Got Away was a compelling and provocative read, and an absolute must-read.