Sucks You Right In!

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Honestly, the cover turned me off from the book. But I've read Roni Loren before and loved her work so I wanted to give this First Look a shot and I'm glad I did.

Loren treats the tragedy with the seriousness it deserves, showing its effects on Liv, Finn, and some of the other students in a way that makes it feel very real without turning the whole thing too heavy for what I'd look for in a romance, but that thankfully feels more than just a setup for the main characters to meet.

The reader gets a good look at who Liv is now and was in high school and I'm always kind of amazed at how quickly Loren can get me attached to her characters. Liv was bright and quirky and has now settled in a way I think most adults will sympathize with. Finn has grown and matured from the stereotypical high school jock.

I really want to read more in the hopes of seeing Liv regain some of herself and go hard for some of those dreams she had for herself in high school. I'm excited to see how Liv and Finn's chemistry and past work itself out. Nothing explicit has happened yet, but there's some delicious tension building.