YA Sci-fi at its finest!

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Set in the future of our crumbling world, "The Ones We're Meant to Find" follows two sister separated by a vast, poisonous ocean. It is told in alternating points of view, but also alternating tenses. One sister tells her story in first person present tense, while another tells hers in third person past. At first, the alternating first and third person caught me off guard, but I quickly grew accustomed to the style. The prose is beautifully written and each sister has a distinct voice. Though she begins the story with precious few memories, Celia ("Cee") is such an open and honest character, wearing her heart on her sleeve and feeling emotions so openly. Kasey ("Kay") is honestly my favorite character. I can understand how she feels about herself and the world around her, as I felt that way for many years growing up. I love her honesty and her love for her sister, as well. It felt organic and real. This story explores what it means to be human and is a thoroughly enjoyable read!