This Blew My Mind

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This book wasn’t what I was expecting at all, but it did not disappoint. First of all, I loved the world building. It may have been a little confusing at times, but what world building isn’t? There were so many cool details that made this world feel so realistic, but also so unique. I just loved the whole concept of classism affecting survival in a world irreparably impacted by global warming and the pollution that humans have caused. The plot twist threw me for a loop. The moment it was revealed that Cee is actually a bot created by Kasey was written so well. The chapters were so much shorter to build the suspense and make the reveal that much more intense and it wasn’t just one moment. I feel like the book hit a certain point and then just started revealing secret after secret and I couldn’t put it down. It’s funny because I noticed the differences between Cee vs. Celia in Kasey’s perspective and Kasey in Cee’s perspective vs. Kasey’s actual thoughts in her perspective. I thought it was interesting how differently Cee was acting in her own perspective compared to the idea Kasey had of her. I thought she was more blunt and less whimsical, but turns out she wasn’t Cee at all. I also thought Kasey loved Celia a lot more in Cee’s perspective, which makes sense now because those memories were her driving motivation to find Kasey. I loved Hero and Cee. I know the name Hero is cheesy, but I like it and how they came up with it because in the end he really was a hero. Killing yourself to let your lover make her own decisions? King. Now, Actinium on the other hand. He turned out to be so much more evil than I thought he was going to be. This man was an actual murderer by the end of the book. I wasn’t entirely sure of Kasey’s intentions when it came to Project Reset, but for some reason I never thought he was gonna get that intense about it. I loved how Actinium and Kasey left things at the end though. A little competition with your enemy to decide the fate of the entire human population? Yes please. I’m a sucker for the villain. I loved the difference between Kasey and Celia’s motivations. In Kasey’s perspective she believes every human cannot live without consequence. Everything we do has an effect on other people, but we still have the right to live.

“…freedom is a privilege. Life is a right. We must protect life, first and foremost. Together we pay this price.”

Whereas Celia, in her memories, is more focused on living her life and doesn’t really care what happens to herself.

“I chose to live the way I wanted to live. And now I alone should bear the consequences.”

She’s very much focused on taking responsibility for her actions, when she doesn’t even realize Kasey’s point that her death was only partly her fault. I loved the whole idea that Celia’s death was bigger than her due to the amount of human error and destruction done to the Earth. In a way, Celia is being completely true to herself and I loved how Cee saw the memories of Celia, whether fabricated or not, and used it to make her own decision. Now, I’m a little skeptical of the whole idea of them finding their true selves without outside forces because I think that’s a little impossible, but this moment where Cee decides what to do also seems a little ambiguous. It seems like she chooses to save Kasey, but in doing so, it also feels like she chooses herself. Not herself, as in Cee, but herself as in Celia. She decides that even in death, Celia will have a purpose. She will contribute to something bigger than herself by saving Kasey, along with the entire human population. I loved how originally, the bots that would wake her up weren’t based on Celia, they were just generic. I loved how Kasey had such a huge amount of trust in her sister’s love for her, even though they weren’t that close. She believed in who Celia was as a person and trusted her enough to find her. Also, the idea that Cee may have fabricated some of the memories she has from Celia is so insane to me. The last memory she has occurs after the Intraface is taken out of Celia. So, did it really happen? Or was it fabricated by her mind in order to motivate her to complete her mission. I have no idea. Overall, I loved everything about this book.