Sisterly love is bond across time

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Cee is the only person alive on an island. She doesn’t remember how she got there or much of her life before the island. She has spent three years building a boat to sail away to find her sister Kay, who she only remembers in snatches. Far away, Kasey is trying to navigate her own isolated life. Her sister, Celia has gone missing. Kasey follows her sisters last steps to find out what happened to her, uncovering her sisters secrets as she goes.
Cee and Kasey are equally my favorite characters. I love the sisters. They both sparkle with personality. Cee on her island is hard working, sarcastic, and a bit fanciful. She named every watercraft she built. I especially loved her with Hero and with U-Me. That little robot was so cute! Kasey on the other hand was more reserved, realistic, introverted then Cee was. She was more science minded, analytical. She uses that mind of hers to trace her sisters last steps and find out what happened to her. Each of these characters is pulled towards their sister and it’s a pull they can’t let go.
The worldbuilding is so good. Joan creates two separate worlds and two separate story lines and yet manages to interweave them together so seamlessly. The island where Cee is stranded comes alive with Joan’s excellent prose. I could almost feel the water washing up the beach to pool around my feet as I stood on the sand.
This book was impossible to put down. There was so much packed into it. Romance, mystery, sisterly love, climate change, and more. All of it done masterfully. And that twist! I did not see it coming but it was good and everything made sense once it was revealed. This is a book anyone who is looking for a good dystopian, post-apocalyptic tale will want to dive right into immediately. 5/5