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I’ll leave you with a couple of quotes while I ruminate...for this book has made me pensive. In a good way!

“Where logic ends love begins.”

“This is our normal.Voyeristic androids and tears shed over our overlords.”

Let me tell you: Joan He takes you for a twisty, turny ride! I haven't read any sci fi for a hot minute so this was a delightful foray into an under-read genre, for me. So much is covered in this book: climate change and responsibility, humanity and what makes us human, the bond between two sisters and the power it holds.

There were so many reveals that truly blew my mind! Also it was fun to take a trip into the future. But most delightfully: Joan He had a beautiful way with words. So many poetic turns of phrase and observations seemingly painted by her pen. I most definitely want to read more of her work!

Highly recommend! It will leave you thinking...about so many things. Reflecting, really: who is the one You are meant to find?

Special thanks to Natalie for the buddy read. We sent each other a lot of head exploding emojis!