A Stunning, Well-Balanced, Young Adult Novel

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This was not only an adventurous and engaging story to read, but an impactful one at that. When I started this book, I wasn’t expecting to walk away with the moving theme of self-identity and accepting oneself as they are, but that is what I got. This lesson of learning to be comfortable in your own skin was stunning and effective. Seeing our main characters struggle through challenges such as these allowed them to become real. I cared for what happened to them and wanted them to succeed.

The hint of mystery throughout the book was engaging and made me intrigued to continue. The plot developed into so much more than just sisters trying to find one another. This book took the ‘save the world’ trope and made it unique. We are immersed in a world that could very much look like ours in the near future, minus the floating cities, although that would be cool. The world our characters live in is dying due to the hands of people who don’t think about how their actions will affect others. Millions are dying due to natural disaster and pollution; people are desperate to be chosen to live in the unpolluted, eco-cities. It is such a stirring concept that the author brought to life in an amazing way.

Aside from the plot, I also found the character relationships compelling. I love that the author chose to keep some of the relationships non-romantical, although you could feel the tone around it. At the core, it was two people working together and caring for each other. It made their connection powerful.

In general, the writing was fast paced and imaginative, but there was an aspect I noticed that I’m not keen on. There were a lot of pauses in sentences to add another thought, that confused me or made me forget the first part of the sentence. We got half a thought, another added detail, ending half of thought. It’s not a big deal, but multiple times I would have to go back and read the sentence while bypassing the added part to understand what was being said. Again, not a huge deal, it was just something I saw happen a few times.

This was a solid young adult, Sci-Fi/Fantasy book. It kept me on my toes and turning pages. I was content with sitting and reading it for hours, which rarely happens. Would definitely recommend!