True story about 9 brave women who escaped the Nazis

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During World War II, nine women—Hélène, Zaza, Nicole, Lon, Guigui, Zinka, Josée, Jacky, and Mena—escaped from a German labor camp in search of the Allies at the front. Written by Hélène's grand-niece, this book follows the women's harrowing journey while also providing information about each of them.

"Nine who didn't want to die, and who fought together to return to LIFE."

While this nonfiction account didn't read as smoothly as some other nonfiction books I've read (information about random people other than the nine women was included throughout and confused me a bit as to why it was necessary), I still enjoyed reading about these brave, courageous, and strong women. They formed an intense camaraderie and bond, and I was amazed that they all survived their desperate trek across Germany to find the American soldiers at the front. If you're already familiar with WWII history, then this will make for another fascinating and inspiring account. If you're new to the subject, however, then you might be overwhelmed while trying to digest the intense depth and breadth of dark and difficult information.

Location: Germany

I received an advance copy of this book. All opinions are my own.