Strong, Resilient Women

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The Nine tells the true story of the author's great aunt who escaped a Nazi labor camp with eight other women and travelled across the battle fronts of Germany to get to Paris.

How do you even begin to review these types of books?! This is someone else's truth of bravery, persistence and unimaginable will. Just their resolve to escape and face the circumstances they did deserves all the stars. I will never tire of reading the untold stories from World War II. They are incredible inspirational and heart-wrenching at the same time.

I also applaud the authors who put in the extensive hours of research to bring these stories to the rest of us. I can't even imagine the study time that goes in to bringing authenticity and accuracy to this time period. Very well done.

If you find unceasing inspiration in the stories of true heroes who faced tremendous odds, check out The Nine.