So heartbreaking

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I can't lie, this book was hard to get through and that wasn't because of the author or the writing but because the story was just that hard to read.

The author did an amazing job of bringing to life the realities of the world that these amazing women had to be strong in.

What was touching wad the authors personal connection to the story. I think it not only helped create a a strong bond between them, but for the reader to really get invested in the tale. I also appreciated how the photos of each of the women were included. They had their own chapter dedicated to their lives before their escape from the camp and what their lives looked like afterward.

I would advise mentally fortifying yourself before going into this book, but it is a worthwhile endeavor should you chose. The stories of the Nine are important to be preserved. There are so many from history that felt their tales were not worthwhile, and so we are losing these acts of heroism to history. Honor and preserve their memory by giving this a shot.