Sad, but so important

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I’m trying to dive more into nonfiction, infact reading more nonfiction was one of my 2021 book goals for myself. I feel like I do tend to lean towards heavier topics when I read nonfiction, but I can’t help it. I like reading about people who go through trials and tribulations and become even stronger because of this. One reason I tend to lean away from nonfiction is due to the writing style. That was not the case with “The Nine”. This book was written as a narrative nonfiction style, so it felt like it flowed. I didn’t feel like I was reading something super dry and uninviting. I wanted to turn the page and read more.

Something unique about this book is that the author is the great-niece of one of the nine women this book is written about. Strauss got to interview her aunt and add that to her research that went into writing this novel. Strauss had citations and you could tell that this book was well researched.

I really liked the fact that this book included parts of what happened after the war. I feel like I’ve read a lot of WWII era books that just end when the war ended. The aftermath of the war was horrible. People were displaced and had to find their way home; it was not an easy process at all.

This isn’t an easy book to read, not because of how it was written, but instead what it is written about. I would often have to read chunks and then put the book down for a little bit to digest what I just read. These women did not have an easy time. I feel like any time you mention Nazi Germany you know that it’s not going to be a fun time.

I will forever be in amazement and awe at the strength these women had. While this is not an easy read it is an important read. Resistance is not an easy thing to and these women were in the heart of the battle, fighting for their country.