Resilient Woman

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The women written about in The Nine are real. They are young, their country is at war, they join the Resistance to do anything they can to thwart the enemy. Then they are captured and eventually moved to Ravensbruck, a labor camp. They finally escape the SS.

This story is about the author’s great Aunt Helene Podiasky and the nine women she led to safety. The Nine is well researched using interviews with surviving relatives, letters, documents. What strikes me is the women’s fortitude through the Nazi’s atrocities. Each seems to have a gift that will help them as they make their way on foot and through unfriendly villages. Their friendship is strong and their resolve to make it back home is undaunted.

The author’s writing style is smooth. Sprinkled between the horror and trials are sweet reminisces from the ladies or descriptions that break the tension.

I loved this book and had my fingers crossed that I would win the raffle. Thank you so much!!