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This book was so powerful and riveting. It shared more with me than other books I've read on the topic, which have been many. Truly grasping the horror and fear that plagued the women, from fighting in the Resistance, to surviving the camps, it's incredible. They were so brave and courageous. It teaches us a few things: 1) to be a brave as they were, 2) be on the right side of history, and 3) we must never forget. I feel so terrible that they were of an era that didn't talk about trauma and feelings. I cannot imagine how terrible keeping it all inside must have been. Added to that, is being minimized by so many people for being a woman during this time. It's so sad that people assumed they were prostitutes. But they were damn powerful women. Who did courageous and brave things and I'm so glad their story is being told. I hope it inspires all of us to be our best selves, fight for what's right, no matter how scary the future is.