Incredibly Powerful

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This work of nonfiction tells the true story of 9 courageous women - 6 French, 2 Dutch, 1 Spanish - who escaped a death march during the final days of World War II and survived a ten-day journey across the front lines with one goal in mind: freedom.
I am speechless. There are no words sufficient to describe the horrors, atrocities, and injustices this group of nine women witnessed and faced. All of the women risked their lives as part of the Resistance, which resulted in them being arrested, interrogated, tortured, and deported to Ravensbrück, a German concentration camp.

The story of The Nine's escape is so engrossing that at times I almost forgot it was nonfiction. I have read several books about the Holocaust, but this book in particular touched me in ways I can’t even describe.

Thank you Gwen Strauss for writing this book and for bringing to light the incredible story of The Nine. I found it incredibly powerful to read about their emphasis on female friendship during the darkest of times. The Nine truly embodied bravery, determination, and resiliency. I may not have known these women, but their stories will not be forgotten.