If I have to DNF another book I swear

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I have come to realize that I can not physically read memoirs and/or non-fiction books. I can not for the life of me get into them the same way I get into fiction books. So, with that said, I have to place this book as another DNF on the pile. I loved the premise of this book. Mostly because I love learning about World War II and the stories of survivors and their families. The true story of a group of nine women who escaped a death march is so powerful I thought I would be able to easily get into the book, but, unfortunately, I could not. From the portion I was able to get through, I liked the beginning story of the women actually escaping the march. The attention to detail made the scene all the more hard yet entertaining to read. The descriptions of the torture those women had to endure made me feel so lucky to have a free and happy life. Gwen Strauss' writing style was perfect for this type of story. Her descriptions of every detail she could gather created this vibrant yet painful story. I'm happy to have learned something from this book, and I am truly sorry that I cannot make it through the entirety of it.