Heart breaking

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Whenever I pick up a book that transports its readers back to a time where life was a living nightmare in much if Europe, my heart utterly breaks. Like with every single book that takes place during the second world War in Germany, this one will make you so sad, it will make you question humanity, God, and your own will to survive. This is not my first book reading about musicians in concentration camps and the utter horrors they went through. Some perishing, some barely making it out alive, hanging by a thread. This story shows the strength and resilence of a people that were targeted and persecuted and then used by the very people who wanted to completely exterminate them. Thats something I have never understood, why try to wipe these people existence out but then enjoy the art and music they create while doing so? I feel sorry for the horrors committed and even though its hard to read sometimes, wr must learn about this era in time.