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This book really got to me emotionally. The author does a great job of introducing you to 9 amazing women and taking you on the horrific journey they endured during WW2. You can tell she took the time to get to know these women and really learn their story. Many stories have come out of WW2 but not many about women. The author hits on that by saying that France didn't want to recognize women in the resistance because men had been through enough so let them have their glory. While these nine women shared a traumatic event and survived their are many who didn't. Survival and friendship were the two main themes I got from reading this. The author also brings up the trauma of war and the generational trauma that is passed on. The courage and tenacity of these women is hard to describe but Gwen Strauss shows it in the storytelling. It is a well written and researched book. I cried at the end of the book. I really recommend this book.