Badass Women of WWII

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Whew! Thoroughly researched (the author’s great aunt is one of The Nine) and positively gripping. It feels like a movie as the women escape from German forced labor, trek across land that has a some form of danger at every turn, are captured, interrogated, and face almost certain death at the hands of the Nazis. Forming unbreakable bonds and friendships, these women are the epitome of badass history.

Teaching this time period in my ninth grade US History course, I felt compelled to share passages with students. They were enthralled and being able to add more of the historical aspects that are often overlooked was awesome. I highly recommend this book for those who loved fictional depictions like The Book of Lost Names and those who love to learn about the edges of WWII history. Excellent read for those that want to expand their understanding of resistance and the role of women in WWII.