Mediocre Spy Novel

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While it had a good premise, the reveal of the conspiracy did not live up to the hype. I was severely underwhelmed at every part they uncovered. It also got quite repetitive, especially when they were interrogating people. Each interrogation ended within 4 lines and usually had their suspect nearly peeing himself in cowardice. It got overused and boring. None of the characters were particularly likable either. I never cared if any of them lived or died. Not a great thing when reading a book, especially when you're so clearly supposed to be rooting for a particular character. They kept bringing up someone called Lyudmilla as well like I'm supposed to be interested in who that is or their relationship with Evan. Could've done without any of that. I really wanted to like this story, I like other books by Eric Van Lustbader, but I can only sum up my feelings for this one with, meh.