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**A Huge thank you to Bookishfirst for my ARC of The Nemesis Manifesto in exchange for an honest review**

Okay -- this is not my normal genre, I'm still newer to thrillers as I used to stick with only fantasy and have only recently moved to thrillers. So, being newer to this genre and then seeing "political" right next to thriller I was a little bit nervous.. but let me tell you -- Eric Van Lustbader just created a brand new fan of political thrillers out of me!

This book centers around Evan Ryder who is a political agent charged with protecting her country from threats - in this book we go on a journey with Evan and a group of other agents that will have you at the edge of your seat the entire time waiting for more. You seriously will not want to put this book down! Be warned however, the prologue starts off a little slow, the rest of the book picks up quickly!

The characters are wonderfully written and I love that agents are showed in both a negative and positive light, something that often lacks in character development is showing both the positive and negative sides of a character.

Giving away too much will definitely ruin the plot here so I will say the story is very well written and the only thing I wanted more from was the general world building. This story will definitely have you hoping for Evan and leave you wanting more!