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Evan Ryder is a tough, black-ops field agent, working for the Department of Defense. Even though she faced many challenges and adversities throughout her life, both personally and professionally, Evan has dedicated her life fully to her country and the defense of it, regardless of what dangers she may face. When other field agents start turning up dead or go missing, agents whose names can be found on a Nemesis kill list, Evan must use all of her knowledge and experience to find and stop them before Nemesis, a group determined to destroy the United States from the inside out, can succeed, all while trying not the end up on the list herself. 

Within The Nemesis Manifesto, Eric Van Lustbader weaves together a rather complex web of characters. I am extremely grateful that I kept a character chart so I could keep track of all of the interconnections and the loyalties of each individual. The characters themselves are well developed and I liked how often they surprised me, both through their actions and situations involving them. I took delight in the fact that there were multiple strong female characters. This novel is full of action and at times I felt as though I was just flying through the pages, just like Evan flew across the globe chasing Nemesis. I really enjoyed the way in which it was written. The narrative is broken up into smaller pieces and jumps from character to character, making many moments within the novel quite suspenseful, which also made it difficult to put down. The story really lends itself well to the current political and economical atmosphere, which some may enjoy and others may not. I personally enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.