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Deadly Games: Russians and Real-Life Roulette

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Page-turning drama for fans of novels such as Nelson DeMille's THE CHARM SCHOOL and Richard Condon's timeless thriller THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. In Van Lustbader's novel, agent Evan Ryder is dedicated to solving the deaths of fellow agents and comes up against a group united in their determination to ruin the United States of America. The Russian power players have animosity and power struggles among themselves and use their positions of power to cheat on their wives with women who hope they will be the replacement. Evan, of course, must also deal with some of the male-female complications: Brenda is Evan's friend and the girlfriend of Peter with whom Evan works to solve the mystery of bodies which were drained of blood in another location. The irony of daily dezinformatsiya adds the 'au courant' touch to the political machinations.

This thriller's top American agent (Evan Ryder) is a female Superman fighting for the proverbial “truth, justice, and the American Way.” The conflicts and politicians will sound quite familiar to today’s events, but readers will need to pay attention since this book has quite a lengthy cast of characters, many of whom have Russian names and had tried (of course) to kill Evan. Next, there are shady dealings with men with meaty-hands in Salzburg, where Fraulein Evan pretends to be an exporter. Plenty of people die, and Evan can talk as tough as anyone in the book. Her only weakness seems to be the sadness that elicits tears when she learns the fate of her sister, Bobbi, at the end of the book. This is sure to be a movie!