A Super Spy Thriller....

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I hardly ever read books of this nature....and that is precisely why I wanted it. Pandemic fears and hostile political situations I decided that I need to dive feet first into things I have rarely attempted. I wanted a serious thriller of a book full of political drama. I want to see if I can find myself reading more of these books in the future.

With a few political thrillers under my belt I decided The Nemesis Manifesto was what I wanted to read to reignite the desire for these sort of stories. Evan Ryder is a female spy. Not just any spy. A super bad a## with some issues. Evan struggles to remember some things. Some very important things. Those lost memories become a hindrance and a danger to her. Thick with intrigue and a complex plot, The Nemesis Manifesto is an exciting and strong read. There is such an array of complicated characters that it was a little daunting to keep up with but it made the story so much more vivid and enticing and I appreciated that. So much going on and sometimes I had to go back and reread a few passages, I still powered through and not once felt weighed down by the lingo. A great read. I am eagerly anticipating #2 already.