YA summer romcom for Kdrama fans

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The Name Drop is a YA summer romcom that follows two Korean teens who share the same name and who are set to have their internship under the same company, Haneul Corp, where an unexpected partnership bloomed from a mistaken identity.

To be completely honest, this novel is such quick, heartwarming read and I didn't expect it to be so good I already ordered the author's debut novel (Seoulmates.)

The first thing that I liked is how Jessica Lee and Elijah Ri both have Lee Yoo-Jin as their Korean name which triggered the series of swapped identity right from the airport that will bring them to New York ❤️ This small mistake is the universe way of getting them together and having the summer of their lifetime.

Jessica is such a lovable character - from her sudden oversharing whenever she gets nervous and her grit when it comes to things that she believe is right. I love Jessica and I hope we get another novel with more exploration about her life after the events of The Name Drop.

Another thing that I liked is the reminder of how rampant misogyny is in Korean culture even up to this day with it being represented on how the executives of Haneul Corp treat women employees who excel in their job. It drives me nuts that this culture remain unshakable even with all the talks about equity and D&I.

Overall, this is such a great novel that I highly recommend if you like a YA romcom that gives Kdrama vibes that you can quickly read in between breaks or travels.

Thank you again to the amazing @inkyardpress team!! You are the best!!