The Prince and The Pauper w/ a twist!

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This was a cute and unique twist on the Prince and Pauper. A mistaken identity at the airport leaves a college bound girl who relies on grants and scholarships, and a sonewhat spoiled son of a big CEO, in switched positions for the summer. Both of them get a small taste of what life is like on the other side.
I enjoyed this read. It's got the same vibes as Loveboat, and To all the boys... And its way cute!
I do wish we could have more of their romance blossom, but there just weren't enough moments of them together to make me feel like the chemistry was there. But, the few times our MC's were together they were so cute and would get a chance to share with each other what theirives are really like and the harships they go through.

At times the sane name things would get confusing, and POV's would switch mid chapter, so if you aren't paying careful attention, you might read an entire part in the the wrong POV.