The front cover is amazing

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The first thing that attracted me to read this one was the front cover i really like the cover with real people its so beautiful.....and from the cover we can sense the chemistry b/w them too bad i got to read a little and from the starting itself it is good .. and i can already imagine how the ending would be anyway .... Its really good except i only got little to read🥹 the writing of the book is really simple and the pages and styles are really simple and easy to read thats the best part ... Any one can read it very easily ... I have read many books but I haven't seen style like this maybe its because im also a begginer and I'm a girl who trusts booktok information but i saw your book and i was like yeahhhh its gonna be good the main things to look iut for the book is first its name second cover third the summary and fourth check if the chapters are short ... And oh my god the chapters are really short and i can finish this book in like in 1 hr .... But i not jumping to the conclusion without reading the rest and I hope the rest will be awesome like the first part