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The Name Fun is about two people who have the same Korean name and their identities accidentally get mixed up!

Jessica’s family is middle class, but they aren’t rich. She knows they can’t afford the cost of a university so she starts off at a junior college, working part time jobs, and lands herself a prestigious summer internship in New York City where she can get letters of recommendations she needs to apply for scholarships.

Elijah on the other hand is from a well known family in South Korea. He has always had everything handed to him and never thought about the cost of anything. But his father wants him to do the “executive” summer internship at the company he’s CEO of in New York City for the summer.

As Jessica checks into the flight under her Korean name, Yoo-Jin Lee, things quickly seem much nicer than she’s used to, having a first class seat and a personal driver pick her up. Elijah, on the other hand, checks in as Yoo-Jin Lee and is suddenly stuck in a middle seat in economy class.

Jessica and Elijah eventually meet up in New York and decide to swap places for the summer since nobody else seemed to realize the mistake and they seem no harm that it’s doing.

I loved Jessica’s enthusiasm to always do her best and work hard – and yet is still looked down on by the executive men at the company. Elijah meanwhile is enjoying his freedom and still gets credit for things, just for being a boy. This story shows the sexism still prevalent in Korean culture and it hurts me to see and know it’s the truth of how the world works.

Elijah and the other interns invite Jessica along for their sightseeing adventures in New York City and as a New Yorker, I loved how accurate it all was! Elijah also takes Jessica so some places on his own as a non-date, of course. Susan Lee used to live in New York City so it’s no wonder she knows what she’s talking about!

The progression of Jessica and Elijah’s relationship felt so natural too and I loved that. It wasn’t forced and they know they’re from different social statuses but still fell for each other. The pacing of the overall story was perfect.

This was a quick read and I never wanted it to end!