Mistaken Identity YA romance

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This book was just okay for me. I didn’t hate it, but didn’t love it either. The setup unfurled the way I thought it would & things basically occurred in a predictable manner. The main characters were likable & the romance was cute but didn’t have me swooning. The ending was messy, in a good way. I was worried it would tie up nicely and appreciated how things did work out, but it all felt rushed and ended a little abruptly. The characters were 19-year-olds but it felt younger YA to me in how they behaved but then the epilogue had more innuendos than the whole novel…which was odd. Lol. While I usually enjoy a story with rich/poor love interests and exploring the socioeconomic gap, this one I didn't love as much and was a little nauseated by the privilege this super-wealthy class had. If anything it made our female MC more snooty instead of humbling the rich character.

Things I enjoyed: the NY setting, the theme of the hackathon, budding friendships, fighting against The Man, strong females, and messy family ties.