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This story is the perfect switcharooand if ypu love k-sramas this is right u your alley, the two main characters share the same Korean name, so when Jessica gets to ride first class and have a private chauffeur and Elijah gets to experience geting crammed into economy, and stuffed in bus, they realize there has been a mixup. They desire to take up on the opportunity because it will benefit them both but emotions start to stir between the two. They try to keep up with the madness and handle there feeling for each other. It's a summer madness that could easily happen with the same name. The characters were great and I absoutly loved the story line.i think the only thing I disliked is the fact I wanted more but that just the part of me that loves romance books and k-dramas. I have to say this book checked off a lot of this I liked and that I look for in a book