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This story was definitely both a K-Drama and a Hallmark movie rom-com classic. I will say the story was overall pretty predictable but it was still a fun ride. I liked the two characters although I did want them to be fleshed out a little more in depth. Jessica Lee is excited about her summer internship for the giant corporation her father works for so she can make some connections and get letters of recommendation to help her get scholarships for college. Elijah is grudgingly headed to spend the summer doing an executive internship because his father is making him. Unfortunately they share the same Korean name and it turns out that everyone from the airline to the drivers meeting them at the airport gets the two of them confused. It doesn’t take Jessica long to realize the giant Brownstone isn’t truly for her or for Elijah to know the bunk beds and 9 other intern roommates isn’t for him. The two of them decide to stay switched and have the best summer they can but is anything like that ever as simple as it seems? Overall I gave this one 3.5 stars which I rounded up because it was a quick and fun read.