I liked it!

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Okay, let’s start with the positives because there were so many. First, this book definitely gave me the coming-of-age, on the cusp on life-change, and all the scary parts of preparing for college and the future. It’s big stuff that comes with big feelings from teenagers who aren’t equipped for all that this decision requires. The result? They mess up. Lee’s characters nailed this. They were messy and confused and just trying to do their best and create the futures they wanted. I also love the mistaken identity and that it wasn’t a lie the whole time between the two MCs. My complaint was that the book felt like a contradiction. Our female main character is portrayed as level-headed, smart, driven, and fighting for her future. A strong female lead. Yet within this book her choices don’t always reflect that and she lets a boy and her naive dreams run her life. I wish she had stayed truer to who she was in the beginning.