Great storyline!

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I really enjoyed the book Seoulmates by this author and so I was very excited to get my hands on this one. In my head I had an idea what it was about, and yes I’d read the synopsis, but it wasn’t what I was thinking. But that’s okay, because I still liked the actual story-line. It was fun getting to see two characters switch places, but instead of two boys or two girls, it was a boy and a girl, because of a name. Because Elijah didn’t want to get all the special treatment of people knowing who his father was, that is part of what helped the whole thing actually take place.

Oh how I wish just once someone would make the mistake for me to get a first class seat on a plane like Jessica got to start out with in the story. It was definitely something to make you wonder why her father didn’t like the company he worked for, and why with his own background he would begrudge her getting this opportunity. Things did come clear later on.

Elijah being able to get over his upbringing of a rich boy who had whole wings of houses to himself seemed a little unbelievable when he ended up in a small place with 9 other people and didn’t really complain or anything. Again though, I think maybe getting to have friends the way he did there, without them judging him based on his background, that probably was a big help too. He definitely made more gaffs with how he acted towards Jessica and the others in certain ways, but especially with her, after he convinced her to keep the switch going.

But Jessica also had a huge chip on her shoulder and some issues she needed to deal with when she talked to others. Seeing the way the company was still so old-fashioned, even with the daughter of their CEO did point out how many places/companies are still that way. So I feel like there were a lot of things brought out in the story that are important to think about in that way too. I liked how it ended up, how things might have seemed to be all perfect and a solution found, but the characters did what they knew was best for themselves. Although I did feel the way things changed for Elijah’s family almost seemed out of nowhere and could have used some more details with that.

Once again I really enjoyed this author’s story and can’t wait to share with my students, as well as read whatever is coming next from her!